Video: Robin Hooding in Keene

expired_meterfailUploaded today by Free Press Publications is a video created with footage filmed by Free Concord’s Garret Ean on Wednesday in Keene, NH. Darryl W. Perry, a blogger at Free Keene goes downtown to save parked vehicles from the king’s tariff. At the end of the video, you can hear Garret ambush interview a parking enforcement officer about why his vehicle’s meter can flash red EXPIRED all day while he charges others for this infraction. From Darryl,

On December 26, 2012 I wanted to extend some holiday cheer to some people who may have otherwise had a bad day, due to a parking ticket from the “Parking Enforcer.”

In roughly 1 hour, I save 14 people from parking tickets, which equates to $70 of “lost revenue” for the City of Keene. For more information on Robin Hooding, visit

See the raw video from which this segment was produced at Fr33manTVraw.


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