Trailer for Unreleased NATO Summit Videos

Chicago-policepunch-natoI’ve been working on a project to release my raw videos from the NATO Summit protests in Chicago and recently created an introduction segment. The videos will be released first as single videos featuring an entire day’s footage to Fr33manTVraw. From the single large video, a trimmed cut will be produced with audio commentary and released on the FreeConcordTV youtube channel. After creating the intro, I found that it worked very well as a trailer for the footage to come. It features video from both myself and other videographers, with channels cited in the video description.

Previous coverage from the weekend of protests:
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Profiles from Occupy NATO
War on Cannabis – Boston: ‘It’s legal, but you still get a fine’
Acton Cop Investigates Young People

Jan 11 2013: Occupied Chicago: Day Zero – Getting There


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