Occupy NH Jury Trial – Live Updates

occupynh_trialjune2012It was October of 2011 when the eviction of Occupy New Hampshire from Veterans’ Park was executed by the Manchester police department. After guilty findings of trespassing against the five occupiers who chose to remain in the park and were arrested, today began the jury trial, which was only afforded after William Lyons’ ruling against them at a 2012 bench trial. The proceedings will continue tomorrow morning at Hillsborough County superior court North, and a summary of today’s events has been live blogged at Free Keene via the Free Talk Live twitter feed. Check that post for updates as well as video at the conclusion of events.


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2 Responses to Occupy NH Jury Trial – Live Updates

  1. Dude, the ad is like half the page on here…

    • freeconcord says:

      Which is why nobody should surf the net without adblockplus! I don’t see ads, but if it’s an issue, a 30 frn donation in bitcoin can be made to eliminate ads on the site.

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