KPD Summoned Over Vertical Chalk

by Garret Ean
April 3 2013

Today I engaged in a brief conversation with Keene police’s Fintan Moore regarding a small chalking that was cleaned off of a barrier wall on a parking garage ramp downtown. Supposedly the city attorney considers there to be legal protection for sidewalk chalkings, but not chalkings on vertical surfaces.2013_04_03_akpf_chalk

There is a question as to what public property can lawfully be chalked and what cannot. The wall of a handicap ramp at the Manchester district court has been decorated with chalk numerous times in the past as bailiffs have looked on, only acting when the wall of the building itself has been marked. The spot in question in Keene was in a location which would have washed away naturally, and there are plenty of sidewalk areas covered by a canopy which prevents chalk from washing away. While I may not agree with the determination of the city’s legal agent, I did inform his messenger that I would relay his communication to the chalking masses. Here’s the video of our dialogue.


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2 Responses to KPD Summoned Over Vertical Chalk

  1. Patricia Lee says:

    High School graduated, jtry AntiWar activism?.

  2. Tim says:

    was he convicted of anything or just harassed

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