Fred’s Commentary on ‘Stupid’, ‘Immature’ Activism

2013_04_05_akpf_parsellsIn the sixth installment of Aqua Keene Parking Force, Fred Parsells opens up about his perspective on Keene’s local liberty activism scene. Denying his own statist tendencies, he even dubs himself the ‘original free stater’ after beginning the conversation with “…why you guys are so stupid?” See the exciting conclusion to the cliffhanger ending from Episode 5.

You’re not even from Keene, but now that you’ve moved to Keene…You’re from elsewhere. You’re not native-born. Well, I don’t know, but you’re not from Keene, that’s the point. But yet you’ve come here, and you’re trying to, to tell people in Keene, you know, we did away with meters back in the mid eighties. No, no, that was something, I’m talking in the mid eighties — you probably weren’t even alive then.

-Fred Parsells
Housing Inspector AKPF


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One Response to Fred’s Commentary on ‘Stupid’, ‘Immature’ Activism

  1. ericfreerock says:

    Hmm… can’t wait until in there since I’m a “native Keene born and bred” activist.

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