Announcing AKPF #1 – Series Premiere May 13

I am pleased to announce May 13 as the scheduled premiere date for Cheshire TV’s newest variety series, AKPF #1. Earlier today, a program preview was completed and uploaded to the Aqua Keene channel. AKPF #1 will function similar to a variety show, and occupy a 30-minute slot from 7-7:30pm Mondays on Cheshire county’s channel 8.

Do you have content you would like to see featured on the program? Would you like to guest host an episode? As the series is prerecorded and will not be utilizing the cable access studios, the producers have total creative control outside of the standard financial and broadcasting standards constraints. Submit your unique ideas or content to Feel free to create your own content using the archives of creative commons videographers, such as those working alongside the AKPF.

May 13 2013: The first episode is live!


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