Robin Hooding Goes Global – Press Explosion!

It began with front page stories in the Union Leader and Keene Sentinel. Also in newsprint was a brief summary suggesting more coverage to come in the Concord Monitor. When the Washington Times ran a piece on the internet yesterday morning, articles began spreading like wildfire. It became a global story this afternoon after being picked up by the UK Daily Mail, which included screencaps and footage from the Fr33manTVraw channel. Robin Hood and the Merry Men have filmed four segments with competing television news programs as a result of the story’s proliferation on Tuesday. In order of their recording:

2013_05_14_headlinesnhA video report from CBS4 Boston. The video is also featured in coverage on Yahoo! News.

A video report from WMUR News 9. This video is also featured in coverage from WCVB Boston and Yahoo! News Canada as well as Yahoo! Screen.

A video report from FOX25 Boston.

A video report from WHDH 7 News. Video is the basis for this written report from NBC News Boston.

The Washington Times piece was featured in part or in its entirety at such blogs as FOX,, and goes so far as to call the city of Keene cruel in their story, Cruel NH City Suing Group that Feeds Strangers’ Parking Meters. ran a text article on their website which is sourced in a FOX31 Denver story which features more Fr33manTVraw video content. Other independent coverage comes from Chris Chaberski at, Martha Neil of the American Bar Association Journal, Libertarian Girl of, Marc Hoover of The Examiner, Steve MacDonald of Granite Grok, and Mike Krumboltz of Yahoo! News Blogs. The NH Insider reposted a press release from Free Keene regarding the lawsuit.

YouTube user ThePoliticalPort responded to the flood of news about Robin Hooding with a video in support of the activity.

Coverage from 15 May 2013:

ABC News has run a an article that was reportedly featured on the Good Morning America program, sourcing the WMUR report. WRAL in North Carolina also features the WMUR content.

Erin McClam of has penned an article featuring the excellent video content from WHDH 7 Boston.

Affiliates FOX29 Philly and FOX17 Nashville ran stories sourcing FOX and WMUR coverage.

The Bangor Insider features a story from the print edition of the area’s Morning Sentinel.

The Union Leader has run a followup piece with quotes from the devious Prince John MacLean who claims ‘It’s all about safety!’

Jonathon Ramsey posts a poll alongside his article on AutoBlog, which as of 11:30am displayed these results:



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