AKPF #1 – Theopompus

2013_05_14_pastordan_akpfAKPF #1 continues to amaze the viewers of Cheshire TV local channel 8, as we proudly announce the premiere of the third consecutive episode, aptly titled Theopompus. In this rendition, the good people of Keene make many appearances in local television and internet media spreading the positive word of peaceful resistance.

1. 00:10 Opening AKPF Woo-Hah Doctor Dave’d
2. 01:47 Bill Kurtis and Phyllis George introduce a Ridley Report historical opener
3. 04:14 MSN News contemplates the particulars of the case
4. 06:11 Repsher and Derrick J take a stroll down Robin Hood memory lane with a former enforcer
5. 09:12 Fox 25 wants you to be convinced that Cantwell is an avid Robin Hooder (dude doesn’t even live in Keene and visited to self-produce a video)
6. 11:28 FPP.cc presents boxing day in Keene: Robin Hooding with Alan
7. 14:34 WBZ4 CBS affiliate runs with the story, interviewing the Merry Men
8. 17:03 WMUR ABC affiliate speaks with the Merry Men while a city employee plays reckless endangerment with a lawnmower
9. 18:41 NBC 7 affiliate has some of the freshest coverage, interviewing the correspondents on the humble porch of the Keene Activist Center.
10. 21:00 ABC Good Morning America Day 1 – The Big Story teased
11. 21:36 ABC Good Morning America Day 2 – The Big Story presented
12. 23:55 Jane removes Robin Hood’s cards from saved motorists.

Special guest hosts Bill Kurtis and Phyllis George reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 04 premieres June 3 2013.



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