AKPF #1 – Anthropy

Coming strong and solid following the denunciation of the program by the Keene Sentinel, we’re proud to present the fourth installment of AKPF #1. In this episode, we continue to explore the media explosion surrounding the Robin Hood of Keene lawsuit, while highlighting some golden oldies from the files of Aqua Keene.

1. 00:10 Opening AKPF Intro feat. the music of Too Short
2. 01:54 James Fallon introduces the Robin Hooders
3. 02:38 Dr. Dave joins the AKPF haranguement squad
4. 08:10 James shows how it is done on a very special FOX News broadcast
5. 12:10 Bill Miles delivers and important message about science in this submission
6. 14:03 CC.FPP puppy interlude (German Shepherd)
7. 14:09 WTNH Voice of the People heaps praise on Robin Hood of Keene and the Merry Men
8. 15:23 James F intros Pete Eyre’s RHK lawsuit overview from CopBlock.org
9. 20:43 Court Jester Tom Mullins declines communicating on the record.
10. 23:23 Peace News Now reports on the case
11. 27:16 Free Planet Project Creative Censorship feat. Fancy Pants People
12. 28:12 ‘Jammed Meterkey’ Closing Credits

Special guest host James Fallon reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 05 premieres Monday, June 10 2013.


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