Robin Hood’s Next Hearing: See You Aug 12

rh_hat1Judge John Kissinger has affirmed that the city’s case against Robin Hood of Keene and friends is on hold until an evidentiary hearing to be held on August 12. Received in the mail today was a notice of two hearings (June 24 and August 12), and a notice of decision. The notice for June 24 refers to a special hearing on media restrictions granted after a motion filed by Ian Freeman to address unconstitutional restrictions on electronics being exercised by the bailiffs beyond the direction of the sitting judge. Though not directly related to the Robin Hood case (rather, the media’s access to it), all parties were invited to attend the June date. The six-sentence decision acknowledges through omission that the preliminary order sought by the city was not granted as requested. Unless the pending motion to dismiss is granted, the matter will continue on with a full evidentiary hearing in August, in which the city will be compelled to substantiate its claims against Robin Hood and friends.


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