AKPF Golden Oldie, Pilot Re-Premieres

princejohn_maclean_akpfThe episode that started it all, Pilotus, fills the 7:00pm time slot this week which is usually occupied by a brand new episode of AKPF #1. If you were longing for original content, fret not! AKPF #1 returns next week with the premiere of episode 06, followed by the freshly cut episode 07 the following week.  In those episodes, you’ll hear about historic revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, get the latest from the Robin Hooding case in Cheshire court, and see updates from the streets as an ally of Robin Hood is attacked by an angry man bent on preventing the documentation of an environment at thirty frames per second. In the meantime, relive the simpler existence from which the AKPF emerged, in the classic premiere episode Pilotus.


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