AKPF #1 – Cloudsnowden

akpf_snowdenprisonerAfter a thirteen day hiatus, Cheshire county’s zaniest variety series is back in a big way! AKPF #1 episode 06 Cloudsnowden begins on the island semination of Hong Kong, as Edward Snowden reveals government secrets and angers the power structure that is responsible for managing such enforcement organizations as the AKPF. WMUR brings the latest on the Robin Hooding lawsuit from the royal court in Cheshire county, Ian talks to officer Dave at length about worldly affairs, and classical anticonstitutional treatises round out this modern installment of AKPF #1.

1. 00:10 Opening Promised Land Modern World
2. 01:47 From Hong Kong comes news of the New Way
3. 14:08 WMUR tells you what happened at Robin Hood of Keene’s first court hearing
4. 16:00 CC.FPP puppy interlude (Yellow Labrador cuisine 1/2)
5. 16:07 Ian and Fitzwilliam officer Dave discuss worldly and NH affairs
6. 25:22 Animal Keene Patrol Fenestrators debut segment
7. 26:03 CC.FPP puppy interlude (Yellow Labrador cuisine 2/2)
8. 26:07 Lysander Spooner parking enforcement constitution contract montage from freeconcord.org
9. 28:10 End credits


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