AKPF #1 – Danjaywhite

DJWakpfOn the cusp of continued revolution the world over, AKPF #1 Ep. 07 brings perspective to the goings-on in Keene, New Hampshire. Royalty continues its legal civil assault on the Merry women and men, while the globe collectively laughs at the prospect of Robin Hood of Keene being a joint terrorist organization as alleged by agitators in support of city force. Propaganda videos and documents circulate as anonymous antagonists subvert power structures. Where will it end? Tune in next week for even more outrageous updates from the underground.

1. 00:10 Opening Beethoven Credits AKPF
2. 01:52 Where’s the Video of Robin Hooders Hassing Meter Maids? by Ridley Report
3. 06:58 Free Keene audio video blog chronic ling segueway
4. 07:04 Excerpts from the Robin Hood initial hearing shenanigans
5. 19:14 Derrick J’s Peace News Now segment on Robin Hooding
6. 20:22 Darryl wins a parking ticket examination courtroom procedure
7. 24:13 Derrick J video records Robin Hood in action and gets attacked by Daniel J. White, a former Florentine Films associate (no relation)
8. 28:26 End credits “Danjaywhite, that man!”

Special guest host in absentia reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 08 premieres Monday, July 08 2013.


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