Adam Kokesh’s ‘Final American Revolution’ in Concord

The following article was originally published to Free Keene.

Adam Kokesh called for a “Final American Revolution” where people were to gather at each state capitol and demand secession. This is video from Concord, NH where a man strapped with an AK-47 gave a speech written by Kokesh into a megaphone:

Turnout in Richmond, VA

Turnout in Richmond, VA

The events nationwide suffered from poor planning, in that Kokesh basically announced the events, created them on Facebook, and then expected others to pick up the ball. They didn’t. One photo from Albany showed two people attending. Concord got 22 without any real organization whatsoever. The poor turnout at the event nationwide speaks to the small number of liberty-loving people willing to take action. It’s a perfect example of why liberty-oriented people need to converge in one place and get active together. That place is New Hampshire – the choice of the Free State Project. Concentrating activism works – we already have over 1100 activists here statewide as part of the FSP and have won dozens of elections, repealed bad laws, done epic civil disobedience, and are creating loads of liberty media.


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