AKPF #1 – Dolus

akpfbadge_surveillanceDebuting for the masses the propaganda hitpiece of unintelligible video produced by the CoK staff, AKPF #1 episode 08 Dolus opens with a global news update before delving into the ridiculous media production attempt of the local reigning royalty. The program is rounded out by wonderful original videos from the 2013 Porcupine Freedom Festival held annually in Lancaster, New Hampshire. Speakers included renowned anarchist author David Friedman, courageous police accountability activist Antonio Buehler, and compassionately insightful author Mary Ruwart. Numerous allied comrades of many admirable causes converge, coalesce, and codify. In the end, Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas becomes a rejuvenescent participant in AKPF antics.

1. 00:10 Opening Soul Makossa Music
2. 01:48 president Barack Obama dismisses allegations of his vigorous efforts to capture Ed Snowden
3. 02:00 James and Garret present the city’s failure of an attempt at video editing, doctored garbage
4. 03:29 Excerpts from the city’s distasteful garbage, tallied in doctors by AKPF comrade Dan
5. 17:01 Chalking for AKPF #1 at PorcFest 2013 segueway segment
6. 17:13 Jacob and Antonio on police accountability out West during PFX
7. 18:08 Doctor David Friedman, author of The Machinery of Freedom gives an interview to Garret about the changing of the cloud in modern days, including digital currency and vouchers
8. 22:49 Peter Sturdy Thomas meets Garret and discusses life, liberty, etcetera and human history
9. 28:16 End credits “You’re one of us, now.”

Special guest videography by Sturdy Thomas reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 09 premieres Monday, July 15 2013.


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