AKPF #1 – Conspiritual

princejohn_clockworkelvesAKPF #1 episode 10: Conspiritual breaks new ground with fresh submissions obtained from the official Keene city bureaucrats. The first portion of the program sees Prince John and Jester Mullins take to the floor and lay out their conspiracy delusions for the entertainment of the civilian population. The videos obtained by and aired on AKPF #1 demonstrate a pattern of irrational paranoia on the part of high ranking officials, as CoK agents tipped their hand en route down the rabbit hole by accusing Robin Hood and the Merry (wo)Men of a civil conspiracy. After Prince John relays his account of recent history involving PKD, DMT, and clockwork elves, his jester sends a firm warning to renowned film director Robert Rodriguez regarding his Machete action/adventure series. Also included are updates from rapper Xstrav arrested for drinking iced tea and a trailer for FreeConcord’s Occupied Chicago: The NATO Summit Protest Tapes, which is scheduled to broadcast on Cheshire TV’s mature after-hours programming block soon.

1. 00:10 Opening Black/Death Metal Music
2. 01:47 Alex Jones introduces new revelations from CoK city bureaucrats and fans
3. 02:30 A royal proclamation by Prince John introduced by city crier
4. 02:44 Predictions of a new world globalist conspiracy order are imagined by Prince John
5. 05:03 Peace Tea clockwork elves cans
6. 05:48 Colt 45 40s in the 40s (and 50s)
7. 12:07 Court Jester Mullins issues a dire warning to acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez.
8. 13:36 Machete with a special cinco de mayo message for Arizona
9. 14:12 Introducing Don Johnson
10. 16:45 FOX corporate makes a boatload of money on all of it
11. 18:02 Steven Seagal introduced
12. 18:06 Robert DeNiro introduced
13. 18:46 Mel Gibson in Machete Kills
14. 18:49 Machete Kills featuring Carlos Estavez Sheen Charlie
15. 19:12 Arizona Iced Tea can race riots
16. 19:49 CoK expose Robin Hood and praise the lord commercial christian
17. 20:27 Black Sheep Rising conspiracy overview oBaba
18. 23:40 Mt Rushmore pentagram map conspiracy
19. 24:10 Occupied Chicago: The NATO Summit Protest Tapes trailer
20. 24:39 Cut N Paste Xstrav Iced Tea arrest response music video (produced by Tino Brown) creatively censored
21. 28:24 End credits (learn today)

Special guest of Alex Jones revelations reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 11 premieres in the near future.


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