BEARCAT Hysteria Hits Concord

tiananmen_tank_lencobearcatIt became known late last year that the city council had approved the application for an “attack truck” from the Concord police to the federal department of homeland security. Just yesterday, the public became aware of what was written on said application for the armored toy. Needing to manufacture a terrorist threat, the individual who wrote the application had the gall to claim that, “Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges.”

Imagine replacing the groups aforementioned with other non-violent political organizations. What if the Concord police had claimed that Planned Parenthood and the State Employee’s Union “present daily challenges” tantamount to terrorism? Occupy New Hampshire hasn’t been active for years, and were never involved in terrorism even when they were hosting daily events. Free State Project participants come in many flavors, and still too have yet to be remotely involved with anything resembling terrorism. And nobody even knows what a “Sovereign Citizen” is. It’s no surprise that the self-serving corporate parasites at Lenco, who produce the attack trucks, help localities apply for grants to purchase their own machinery of destruction. It is plausible that Lenco’s own employees formulated the language aimed at political movements after their company received the first pushback against their war machines in Keene.

A public input hearing is scheduled before the Concord city council at 7:00pm on August 12. Over 150 individuals have marked themselves as attending this event. News is being posted as it is collected to, and more coverage of the BEARCAT controversy has also hit the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, Concord Patch, Granite Grok, and Reason Magazine.

Opposition to the BEARCAT during its reception in Keene

Opposition to the BEARCAT during its rainy reception day in Keene


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2 Responses to BEARCAT Hysteria Hits Concord

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  2. Robert P. Burke says:

    Terrorist kids – trained with high teck systems are your enemy – the BearCat protects the Police while the US Military sits on it’s rear, and it grows.

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