CoK Publishes AKPF Photo Album

2013_08_12_rhphoto_015bOn the date of Robin Hood of Keene’s evidentiary hearing this past Monday, the Merry People were provided with what may otherwise be considered a friendship gesture, in the form of a photo album organized by the bureaucrats of the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene (Official DPRK). The album, much like the video that they played in court, in many ways violates the best evidence rule, as an upcoming video will address. It’s also worth noting the lack of an adblock program on DPRK computer machines — how obsolete! In the meantime, enjoy perusing the album created by the city and also enjoy this summary video of Pete Eyre’s testimony at Monday’s hearing. The video below will be airing in this upcoming week’s AKPF #1 timeslot.



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