VIDEO: Secret Police Camera Snatch Revealed

by Garret Ean
Aug 19 2013

This afternoon, I was happily reunited with my beloved Canon Vixia HFR21, after it had spent nearly two months in the custody of the state police. Since the unsealing of the secret search warrant, it is still unclear what caused judge Edward Burke and trooper Joesph DiRusso to believe that they had a right to conspire to steal property. Their search warrant 2013_07_26_jtdirusso_akpf1lacks anything resembling probable cause of a crime, and the ‘victim’ of the alleged wiretap was royal court jester Tom Mullins, who collects funds from captive taxpayers. Mullins also has an active lawsuit against myself and five friends whom he suspects are behind the filling of parking meters downtown, depriving his organization of their coveted ticket revenue. Even without evidence of any criminal activity, Mullins nearly succeeded in depriving myself of a defensive tool by stealing my camera, a device that I carry with me when Robin Hooding without exception. Thanks to my friend James Cleaveland, I was re-armed with a Sony HDR-CX190 that evening following the shakedown, minimizing the intended damaging effect of the property seizure.

Also retrieved with the camera is the footage of the shakedown, which occurred just out of earshot of my home, while my roommates occupied the porch as I had just bicycled off to go 2013_08_19_reunitedRobin Hooding. At the corner of Leverett and School Street, a car that had earlier been circling my home appeared at a stop sign, and that is where the footage begins. Unfortunately, it appears DiRusso stopped the recording shortly after taking possession of the camera, so not included in this clip is the three to five more minutes I spent on the corner waiting for the receipt for my camera and verbally laying into DiRusso’s subordinate about the morality of their career choice.

As delighted as I am to finally have my property returned, stay tuned to Free Concord as I seek further resolution for this ordeal.

See also: Cheshire TV’s controversial AKPF #1 Episode 09: Staatspolizei, which focuses heavily on the camera shakedown of June 26.


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