Prince John Exposed: Granting Undue Royal Authority

2013_08_21_princejohnThe audience of the Keene district court on Wednesday had the unique privilege of seeing Prince John exposed for secretly bestowing undue royal authority upon city employees. The Prince acknowledged on the stand to granting an unconstitutional “no-trespass order” authority on police officers in response to complaints in Keene’s Central Square. The ability to dole out punishments is specifically a utility afforded the judicial branch, and only following a finding of guilt given due process of law. Prince John decided via royal decree to invite KPD employees (under which the AKPF is a subdivision) to play legislative, executive, and judicial functions by implementing this policy. While Graham, through his volunteering attorney Jon Meyer, is the first to challenge this unlawful ban, it is unknown how many other members of the 2013_perakpfcommunity were given no-trespassing orders from the town square for such innocuous acts as bicycling and skateboarding. Knight Jason Short testifies that he obediently observed the decree in accordance with royal commandment. In Keene, art often suggests enforcement of the ordinance provisions are carried out by the infamous Aqua Keene Parking Force. See the video below of his majesty’s court being turned against him.


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