AKPF #1 on Black Sheep Rising: First 7, Now 14

akpf_jicrossoverJames Cleaveland and Garret Ean, the producers of AKPF #1, quite possibly Cheshire TV‘s most controversial series, recently re-appeared on the program contending with them for that title, Black Sheep Rising. BSR airs in the after-hours block on local channel 8, a portion of the schedule reserved for potentially mature content. While AKPF #1 is somewhat creatively censored to ensure a family-friendly appeal, Black Sheep Rising rebukes censorship and creates a safe space for guests to fully open their minds, hearts, and mouths. It is also the only program that is locally-produced which airs on the mature content block, though it will soon be joined by Garret’s Occupied Chicago: The NATO Summit Protest Tapes (Raw). The AKPF #1 team have previously been guests on BSR, for episode seven as well as its aftershow. Since that appearance, the two series’ producers teamed up on the streets of Keene to create a short crossover video special for the internet. The latest full episode, installment 14, is embedded below.


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