Ridley’s Non-Aggressionist Historical Analysis

gdubbs_amrevYesterday’s Ridley Report features an analysis of some United States history from the position of principled non-violent anti-aggressionism. It was produced in the wake of a tragic mass casualty shooting in the District of Columbia, which we have since discovered was perpetrated by a mentally disturbed veteran. Not knowing what the motivation for the attack was, the possibility that it may have been terrorism or an act of war lingered until details on the shooter emerged and were confirmed. Below is Ridley’s perspective on different aggressive incidents of modern history.

bdayhappyToday #S17 marks the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. USA Today reports crowds of around one hundred people gathered in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, participants report numbers approaching one thousand. Occupy New Hampshire would first assemble on the evening of October 6 2011.


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