Robin Hooders Headed to Court

The next two days hold in store for Robin Hood of Keene activists and city of Keene bureaucrats two full days of evidentiary hearings. The lawsuit filed by Prince John and Jester Mullins back in May saw the inside of a courtroom for the first time on August 12, where a full day was used hearing witnesses. This Monday and Tuesday will be a continuation of that saga, with testimony expected both from AKPF agents and the Merry People. Accomplished attorney Jon Meyer will be representing five of the six defendants, while Pete Eyre remains attached to the case pro-se while touring for police accountability in South Africa.

Two days ago, an article in the Keene Sentinel penned by Kyle Jarvis updates readers to the status of the new lawsuit, which is contingent on the outcome of the initial lawsuit. See the local newsprint piece linked below:


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