City of Keene: We Fight On That Lie

fighton_001akpfteamPremiering this morning, just in time for the latest courtroom extravaganza for Robin Hood and the Merry People is a new video short exclusive from the inner workings of city hall. Here, we see a desperate DPRK gathering of officials, feeling particularly revved for conflict as narrated by sanctioned media reports. Prince John and Jester Mullins star in this brief insight, with a revealing monologue being delivered by the jester at the end of the installment. “Don’t matter who did what to who at this point. Fact is, we went to war, and now there ain’t no going back. I mean, sh¡t, it’s what war is, you know? Once you in it, you in it. If it’s a lie, then we fight on that lie. But we gotta fight.” If only public officials had an incentive to favor deescalation and conflict resolution over paperwork plunder.


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