Robin Hood Coverage Spreads to Equinox, Icke

Since the lawsuit against Robin Hood and the Merry People was initiated in May, it seems Keene can’t go too long without another story and additional coverage of the ongoing case popping up. In its Thursday, October 10 edition, the Keene State College Equinox published an article on the local oddity. Bethany Ricciardi penned the piece which features quotes from Robin Hooders as well as observations from the student body. You can read the article through the Equinox’s website or from a scan of the print edition.

reptilian_humanoidA post on the website of famed conspiracy theorist David Icke today reported on the Robin Hood case using WMUR’s coverage of the lawsuit produced in the days following its filing. Icke is known for advancing the belief that many powerful international figures are secretly a species of shape-shifting reptilians.



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