Ridley and Robin Hood Dig Into Sniper Story

Returning from the Police Accountability Tour last evening, I had the chance to catch up on developing stories in the Keene area that I had not been following as they were in progress. During the inaugural Keenevention event, videojournalist Dave Ridley made good use of his time in Keene with an ambush interview of Keene city manager ‘Prince’ John MacLean. His questions, followed up with more from Robin Hooder James Cleaveland, covered much ground from the Robin Hooding trial, the definitions of assault between different classes of men, the theft of my camera by Joseph DiRusso and the plainclothes Pumpkinfest snipers. The conversation occurs over the course of three videos, embedded below.

Shortly prior to embarking to Detroit to join the 2013 Police Accountability Tour, I dropped off some questions Steven Russo, KPD captainwith Steven Russo, who I was told at KPD’s front desk may be able to give information relative to the use of plainclothes rooftop snipers at PumpkinFest. Having been over a month, I have not received a response from the Keene police captain.


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