UL, Sentinel Report on Robin Hood Case Dismissal

Front page stories on both the Keene Sentinel and the Union Leader were published today overviewing the grounds for the dismissal of the lawsuit brought by the ‘city of Keene’ against Robin Hood’s Merry People. While the judge blocked any action on the grounds of federal constitutional protections, solutions to heal those claiming to be victimized by Robin Hooders or the ‘city of Keene’ were not laid out in the decision, just the suggestion that the criminal justice system be utilized if necessary, or agitate for legislation. Charles Bauer, hired counsel for the city, continued to assert his unfounded position that Robin Hooders were proceeding ‘unreasonably and inappropriately’ in a statement to press, and went on to classify the judge’s decision as something that it certainly wasn’t. “The Order holds that the individual protesters…are allowed to interfere with, harass, or intimidate public employees while doing their jobs.” Scans of both the Sentinel article featuring Bauer’s quote and a Union Leader story are below. WMUR has also published not just one, but two videos to their youtube channel.



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