AKPF #1 – Tour Part 1

acpf_flag_chicagoAKPF #1 rebounds back with a new episode following a series of reruns while content was collected from the Police Accountability Tour. Tour Part 1, first airing on December 9, features footage from on the ground in Detroit, Chicago, and Gary. An encounter with the Aqua Chicago Parking Force is included in the joyous anthological installment. Stay tuned to the end for an interview with a local in Gary that derails into an informational session with original police chief Adam. Opening includes a special holiday December greeting featuring palm trees, TSA, mounted officers, and railcars going about their day in New Orleans.

1. 00:00 Special message to the viewers of Cheshire TV disclaimer
2. 00:10 Opening imagery, Jesus in New Orleans and December Festivals with ice
3. 01:17 AKPF opening raggae music and imagery
4. 02:16 Freedog New Orleans opening credits
5. 02:48 Floating badges granting extra rights
6. 03:08 Pete’s first exploration of the Threat Management Center published May 2013
7. 09:53 Transitional credits and logo
8. 10:01 Video numero dos from Pete, produced for the #patour2013 featuring footage from Oct 31 2013
9. 17:55 ACPF Aqua Chicago Parking Force video program ambassador encounter
10. 22:29 Answer the call ACPF by Mayor Rahm Emanuel DPRC
11. 22:40 Interview with a police chief Adam in Gary, Indiana filmed November 10 2013
12. 28:18 End music raggae
13. 28:32 End credits with dog


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