Official DPRK presents Music of Unofficial DPRK

nhkeene2_dprkvodkaIn this special holiday edition airing during the AKPF #1 time slot, Official DPRK takes an educational excursion to unofficial DPRK. Opening with an exquisite press symposium hosted by the honorable NHUSA governor Maggie Hassan, who is premiering a new official vodka for the people. In order to promote harmonious relations with similar other portions of the world, leaders of Official DPRK have pieced together an anthology of uplifting and timely musical arrangements. This installment signals a cultural and political alliance between the two geographically-based factions contending for the Official DPRK designation. Happy holidays from the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene!

1. 00:00 Special message to the viewers of Cheshire TV disclaimer
2. 00:10 DPRK face of state media AKPF promo
3. 00:20 Official NHUSA governor’s vodka sales pitch
4. 02:41 Jingle Bells, Unofficial DPRK Style
5. 05:03 Hail North Korean Communist Party ballad
6. 08:10 Glorious and Admirable, by Moranbong Chorus
7. 12:43 Please, Let The Snow Fall, by Moranbong Band
8. 17:23 Let’s Study!, by Moranbong Band
9. 20:51 Children of DPRK present classical guitar arrangements
10. 24:18 Our Father (Kim Jong Il dedication) by Song & Oungum


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