AKPF #1 Crew on Black Sheep Rising Ep. 38


James and Garret stop by this week to catch us up on the latest in Robin Hooding news.  It turns out the Official DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Keene) have been producing their own propaganda videos in direct opposition to FreeKeene.  Who are the secretive editors behind these vids? Also, more on DuckGate, congressmen who like throwing people off balconies, German dance-club torture music and the never-ending war on earbuds in the workplace continued.

Show notes from BlackSheepRising.org:duckgate_dynastyguynh

Panel:  Conan, James, Garret

Opening song:  TruthStreamMedia – ‘God Bless the TSA’
Who is the editor behind the DPRK video propaganda?
New parking meters: tragic money making scheme
Deeper into #DuckGate
“I’ll throw you off this f*cking balcony” congressman
Gitmo detainees forced to listen to German dance club music
Break song:  Skinny Puppy – ‘Pro-test’
The earbud wars continue
Stephen Hawking calls in; hates the show
Quickest traffic stop in recent history
What animal kills the most humans?
Closing song:  Soggy Bottom Boys – ‘I am a Man of Constant Sorrow’


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