AKPF #1: Conspiracies Abound

This wonderful commemorative Dear Leader’s Day edition of AKPF #1 delves into a number of ancient conspiracy theories and their modern connection, including through Peace Tea. While broadcasting on schedule on Cheshire TV, the episode was compromised on YouTube for copyrotten reasons. Fortunately, LiveLeak stepped in a saved the day, and prior an outlet for human beings around the world to consume AKPF #1, despite state censorship attempts. See the first ever LiveLeak distributed AKPF #1 episode Conspiracies Abound below.


1. 00:00 Special message to the viewers of Cheshire TV disclaimer
2. 00:10 Opening imagery, Rob Ford reggae dance sequence
3. 01:10 Peace Tea Conspiracy theory of the illuminati, from http://youtube.com/NothingcleverOo
4. 02:47 Filthy actors exposed with global corporate conspiracy, from http://youtube.com/RichardBDawson
5. 06:16 Obama and celebrities are ancient Egyptian clones, from http://youtube.com/kimindigo
6. 12:20 Occupy NH makes the great divide in Concord, vintage
7. 18:20 Buying bitcoin at CVS in Keene through BitInstant
8. 25:50 Michael Jackson returns to Gary as told by Freddie Gibbs cartoon
9. 28:17 New dimes on the block for Robin Hood and the merry people
10. 28:44 Vodka from the governor promo
11. 28:50 End disclaimer


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