Parking Meters Vandalized by Robin Hooder Opponent

by Ian Freeman
06 Mar 2014

Just days after someone left hitpiece fliers attacking Robin Hood of Keene on cars in downtown Keene, now Robin Hood’s Merry Men have found several meters that have been vandalized with stickers. The sticker shows a cartoon drawing of butt-cheeks with the words “Insert for Ian Freeman’s Ego Here”, roughly placed over the coin slot of the machine, and also the words “Robin Hooders are Villians”. Garret Ean captured this video evidence which also shows parking enforcement agent Jane removing the stickers.

Unlike Robin Hooding, which makes the parking enforcers’ jobs easier by preventing them from writing tickets, this anonymous hater has made the enforcers’ job harder by forcing them to spend time removing these stickers. If the hater was trying to show support for the parking enforcers, the hater has failed miserably.


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