Robin Hood Evidentiary Hearing Record Restored

Shortly after the conclusion of the three day Robin Hood of Keene evidentiary hearing,cdaudiocourtrh1425 which led to the dismissal of civil lawsuits against the Merry People, nearly complete video records of the hearings were posted online to Fr33manTVraw and the FreeKeene youtube channel. Unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction midway through day two of proceedings, approximately sixteen minutes of direct examination of a witness was excluded from publication.

To restore the public record, the Merry People have obtained an audio record of the entire hearing from the court. The corrupted file was re-edited with audio from the missing segment affixed in the proper location and inserted into the raw video playlist. Enjoy the now complete record of the Robin Hood of Keene civil trial, which was performed on August 12, September 30, and October 01 of 2013, and currently awaits appeal to the NH supreme court.


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