Announcing the Robin Hood of Keene People’s BBQ May 9

Robin Hood and the Merry People are pleased to announce a very special public event to be held on Central Square on Friday, 09 May 2014. To commemorate the first year anniversary of service of the lawsuit by the city of Keene against Robin Hood and bbqrhimg02friends, a free barbeque for the people will kick off at 5:00pm, just as the hours of parking enforcement conclude for the day. All peaceful people are invited to take part in this event and are free to bring along food and drink to share, or simply bring one’s own smile and share in the good company of others.

The people’s BBQ will be a great opportunity to meet Robin Hooders and other activists in the Keene area, and to voice one’s own ideas for how to make our community’s activities more effective. Beef tacos and bottled water will be available for all, as well as a vegan option to be determined. For more information, check out the event on Robin Hood of Keene’s facebook page.


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