AKPF #1: Ridley Report Emporium 02

This week’s modern news akpfBarackbadge-Obamacoin installment of AKPF #1 exposes the audience to recent editions of the popular Ridley Report program, bringing the internet to the television. The imperative topic of activism cylinders is expressed nearly fully and articulately.

00:00 – Warning disclaimer to Cheshire TV audience
00:10 – I reject the state just sounds like shrill posturing
04:53 – Ideal activism hits on these 20 cylinders
11:06 – New Hampshire armed videographer confronts authorities but survives to complete 100 boring uploads
18:44 – NH State House Activism (allegedly) trumps most other kinds
24:25 – Ian Freeman is a best activist, but we could sure do better
28:50 – End disclaimer segment


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