Watch Rand Paul Avoid Questions on Israel

by Derrick Broze
July 20, 2015
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We are more than a year away from the 2016 presidential election, yet the oldstream corporate media institutions are already parading around the cast of characters from which Americans are supposed to choose their next “leader.” While the Democratic race features only two perceived candidates in the form of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Republican race is a non-stop circus show as each candidate seemingly attempts to outdo the other with increasingly asinine comments.

While most of the Republican candidates (and Hillary Clinton) are fighting for the title of world’s biggest war monger, one candidate appears to be of a different breed. He carries with him a well-known family name and a die-hard following. I am not talking about Jeb Bush, but rather, Rand Paul.

Two years ago, Rand Paul was not seen as a contender for the White House outside of some Republican and Liberty circles. Now, Rand has officially thrown his hat into the race and many supporters of his father, former congressman Ron Paul, hope Rand can get the job done. Many believe one Paul is better than no Paul. To them, Rand represents a more politically aware and cunning Ron Paul. Rand is willing to play the game where his father was incapable or unwilling. Rand Paul gives hope to those who no longer believe in the traditional left-right, Democrat-Republican paradigm and recognize that those two parties have the game rigged.

There is just one problem: Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. He is a questionable character at best—if not already a complete politician. He is willing to lie to the people in order to get what he wants. The Anti-Media recently debunked the notion that Rand Paul is a libertarian. In fact, Rand Paul calls his vision for American foreign policy “Conservative Realism.” He claims he could be the one to lead America off the path of drone bombing and torture, war and violence, and taxes and regulation—but a closer examination of his words reveals his slow creep towards typical Republican neoconservative thought. If we find ourselves facing a Hillary vs. Rand situation, we will see how little difference there is between these two.

There are several areas of concern when it comes to Rand Paul. Some have covered his endorsement of Romney as a warning sign. Others focus on his attempts to get journalist Abby Martin fired after dodging questions from her and fellow journalist Luke Rudkowski. Despite his 13 hour filibuster on drones, the closer the election gets, the more willing Rand seems to tow the Republican party line.

Rand Paul recently spoke in New York City at the Center for the National Interest’s annual dinner, where he revealed his support for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. Senator Paul took a shot at the Obama Administration’s so-called “pivot to Asia” and stated the controversial TPP should be negotiated by the end of this year.

Critics say the TPP would allow domestic laws and decisions to be overrun by the TPP governing bodies, resulting in a loss of sovereignty.

Perhaps the most revealing behavior from Rand Paul comes from his stance on Israel. The senator has been criticized for flip-flopping on whether or not he will support the Israeli lobby. Although most Republicans choose to stand by Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that Iran poses an imminent threat to the nation, The Anti Media has proven time and time again that these claims are simply false. In reality, the goal is to maintain Western hegemony over the Middle East. This is why Rand Paul also supported legislation that cut funding for Palestine and supported Israel.

Any presidential candidate who is for peace would not support a nation responsible for egregious human rights violations—like Israel.

Since Rand Paul seems to waver on whether or not he wants to cut funding for Israel, I decided to give him a chance to spell out his position. On July 17th, 2015, Senator Paul spoke in Houston, Texas. I attended in the hopes of asking the senator a single question: “Can you clarify your position on Israel?” Senator Paul was not interested in talking.

I know there are those out there who will say, “Of course he didn’t answer you! He is busy! There was a long line of people!”—among other things—but I completely disagree. Running for president is like applying for a job. If you want to step into a leadership position and play president, you need to convince the people. Presidential campaigns are essentially one long job interview with the people. If you want my vote, you had better be willing to engage and communicate so the people know exactly where you stand.

While Rand Paul travels the nation attempting to convince the people that he is here to “Defeat the Washington Machine,” his actions show that he is quite simply another cog in that exact establishment. It’s time to do everything we can to slow this machine until it grinds to a screeching halt. It’s time to replace the lies and tyranny with something new—something free and beautiful.

What will the future look like? That is something for today’s free hearts and minds to create. One thing remains certain—real change will not come through the ballot box.


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